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Car Parking Systems & Vehicle Access ControlTraffic

Maybach Electrical ServicesCar Parking Systems & Vehicle Access ControlTraffic

Maybach Electrical Services is able supply a range of car parking systems including boom gates and pay parking systems.

We can provide a range of solutions that can be tailored to suit the particular project including high use commercial car parks or small scale vehicle access control.

We can supply various automation and control methods for activation of any car parking control devices including Ticketless pay parking systems, License Plate Recognition (LPR), standalone boom gate units with direct remote control, proximity device, keypad activation or integration with an existing access control or security system.

We can provide installation options to suit projects such as:

Commercial car parks
Unit or townhouse complexes
Retail centre traffic control
Hotels and motels
Schools or university campus parking management

Boom gates

Car Parking Systems

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Boom gates
Cable gate systems
Pay parking systems
License plate recognition systems (LPR)
Access control systems
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